The Northern Territory electricity industry

The Northern Territory electricity chain is divided between three main providers:

  • Generation

Electricity generators, such as Territory Generation, are like a ‘factory’ for electricity. They produce electricity in bulk to meet the demand of the grid.

  • Distribution

Network providers, such as Power and Water Corporation, are like the ‘delivery truck’. They transport electricity from generation plants to homes and businesses. The distributor is responsible building and maintaining the local network of electricity poles and wires. They are also responsible for meter reading and sending retailers the meter data necessary for billing.

  • Retail

Electricity retailers are like the ‘shop front’ for the electricity supply chain. At Jacana Energy we purchase electricity in bulk from generators and turn it into a range of retail products to meet customers’ needs.

Electricity Supply Chain

When to call your retailer or your distributor?

Call Jacana Energy on 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262):

  • To organise electricity connection or disconnection
  • If you have a query about your bill
  • For any other enquiry relating to your electricity account

Call your distributor (Power and Water Corporation) on 1800 245 092:

  • To report a fault or a power outage
  • To find out about power restoration during an outage
  • For any life threatening emergencies relating to electricity faults call 1800 245 090