Renewable Energy Target

What does LCG, STC, RPP and STP mean?

Find out what these stand for and how they affect your electricity costs.

Renewable Energy Target

How does this impact your electricity costs?

  1. We establish your overall energy consumption.
  2. This is then multiplied by the PRR and the STP to work out how many LGC and STC certificates we are required to surrender for your consumption.
  3. The certificate numbers are multiplied by the LGC and STC prices agreed in our contract to determine your overall cost.
  4. This cost is shown on your invoice.

For example


  • Your total consumption for the year is 2,000,000 kWh
  • The RPP is 12.75% and the STP is 9.86%
  • The prices we sell certificates are $99.45 for LGCs and $42 for STCs

How this is calculated:

Number of certificates we need to surrender for your consumption Cost of your certificates Cost per kWh
STCs = 9.68% x 2,000,000 kWh = 194 194 STCs x $42/STC
= $8,148
$8,148/2,000,000 kWh
= $0.004074/kWh = 0.4074 cents/kWh
LGCs = 12.75% x 2,000,000 kWh = 255        255 LGCs x $99.45/LGC
= $25,359.75
$25,359.75/2,000,000 kWh =
$0.012679/kWh = 1.267 cents/kWh

What you see on your bill:

Environment Scheme Charges UnitsRatesTotal
Small-scale Renewable Energy 2,000,000 $0.004074 $8,148
Large-scale Renewable Energy       2,000,000$0.012679$25,359.75