Small and Medium Business Customers

We are changing the way we do business to make it easier for you

We always strive to improve the service we deliver to you. You told us you wanted more information on your electricity usage, more flexible payment options and simplified transactions. We listened and we are moving to a new billing system to make doing business with us smarter, faster and easier.

Once our new billing system is in place, the first thing you will notice is a brand new look bill. The supply of your electricity will not be affected; and there is nothing you need to do right now.

We will keep you up-to-date with any actions you need to take to ensure a smooth transition to the new billing system.

How will these changes make managing your electricity account easier?

A smarter bill

Your new bill will be easier to read and understand with clearer sections and bold colours to help you identify what matters at a glance. You will be able to see your historical usage and compare your current usage to previous periods.

The back of your bill will explain in simple terms the transactions that occurred on your account and how we have calculated your bill.

Convenient electronic billing

You will be able to receive your bills and correspondence via email for increased convenience.

Simplified account details

You will receive a new unique account number to use in every interaction with us. This number will always remain the same bill after bill.

Enhanced payment options

You will be offered seven convenient ways to pay your bill:

  • Credit Card payment online or by phone
  • Direct Debit from your bank account
  • In person at any Australia Post office
  • BPAY
  • Cheque

If you are currently paying your invoices via Direct Debit, your account will be debited using Jacana Energy Debit User ID 481880. You do not need to update your payment in any way, it will happen automatically.

24/7 Self-service

You will be able to make payments, check your account balance, update your personal details and perform a range of other transactions at any time through our new automated phone service.