Energy Efficiency Guide

The Northern Territory is like no other place in Australia. Its mix of tropical greenery and dry desert is unique and beautiful. The landscapes are a product of different climates, and it’s these extremes in weather conditions that can have a huge impact on your energy consumption.

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Have you ever been on a run in the wet season? Or perhaps a walk through Alice Springs on a hot summer’s day? Even if the answer is a firm ‘no way!’ you can imagine how much harder your body might have to work in the extreme heat compared to a cool day down South. Just like your body, appliances have to work harder in hot climates, requiring more energy to maintain a consistent temperature. Your fridge, for example, will need to work a lot harder to keep the veggies cool when it is very hot outside. As a consequence, NT residents will often find their power bills peak over summer or the wet season.

Download our Energy Efficiency Guide to help you navigate your way through energy consumption in the Territory and learn how you can make big savings through small everyday changes.

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