Customer Contract

Our Customer Contract is part of our commitment to providing you superior customer service. It gives information about our standards of service and your rights and obligations.

The Customer Contract is legally binding under the Electricity Reform Act. It covers the urban centres in the Northern Territory listed in Schedule 1: Centres Covered by This Contract. It applies to:

  • electricity services customers, unless we have agreed to an alternative, written and signed agreement;
  • business customers unless we have agreed to an alternative written signed agreement or unless this contract is terminated.

Click here to download a PDF version of our Customer Contract.

Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter provides a simple summary of the key points of the Customer Contract. To find out more, visit the Customer Charter page.

Delivering on our promises

Jacana Energy holds operating licences to supply electricity services under the Electricity Reform Act . The licences include minimum standards of service, which are confirmed in Schedule 2: Our Service Standards. The Utilities Commission is responsible for monitoring compliance with those licences and with the wider requirements of the legislation.

We also monitor and review the quality of customer service we provide and we report to the Utilities Commission, the Chief Health Officer and to you each year, on our performance against this Customer Contract.

Welcoming your feedback is also part of our commitment to improve our services to you. You can send your comments or suggestions to our Customer Service Team at or call 1800 522 262.