Big energy saving ideas for your home

10 November 2015

JACANA ENERGY is launching an energy efficiency campaign to help customers identify how to lower their electricity use and save on their bill during the wet/summer season.

“Our energy efficiency campaign aims to arm customers with the knowledge and tools to reduce their electricity use and make savings on their bills”, Jacana Energy’s CEO, Stuart Pearce said.

Historically the period from November to March is labelled high bill season. As outside temperatures soar in the Northern Territory, aircon use increases significantly. Cooling costs generally make up 45-50 percent of Territorians’ electricity bills.

Typically at this time of the year, customers are unhappy with their electricity costs and do not always make a link between their high energy use and the cost of their bill.

“It is a fact that the Northern Territory has the third lowest electricity rates in the nation*; however we Territorians are also the biggest users of electricity.

“Despite our lower rates, our consumption is high and drives our electricity bills up,” Mr Pearce said.

But there are lots of opportunities to reduce energy consumption around the house and garden for big savings over time. Through this new campaign, Jacana Energy wants to motivate customers to identify these opportunities and put simple changes in place.

“Be on the lookout for those not-so-smart energy habits which are costing you a bundle,” Mr Pearce said.

Energy-hungry habits, like keeping your old beer fridge running empty on the hot and sunny veranda or cranking down the aircon to its lowest temperature setting and sleeping under a thick doona, can quickly add up to your bill.

To find out more about energy efficiency and what you can do to take control of your electricity bill this wet season, visit or call 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262).

* Source Australian Energy Market Commission Price Trends Report 2014