Flat rate or Switch to Six: choose the right electricity tariff for you

14 September 2015

JACANA ENERGY has launched their Switch to Six tariff offering the flexibility of two different electricity prices depending on the time customers use electricity.

Switch to Six is a new way of charging for electricity based on the time of day, instead of the usual flat rate.  This means electricity used at off-peak times (between 6pm and 6am weekdays and all weekend) is cheaper than electricity used at peak times (from 6am to 6pm weekdays and public holidays).

“More electricity pricing options mean more choice for our customers. With Switch to Six, customers can now  be more in control of their electricity consumption, says Jacana Energy CEO Stuart Pearce.

“Switch to Six gives our customers the power to save electricity and money all year round by encouraging them to shift their electricity use to off-peak times when prices are cheaper.

“We know that some customers are dissatisfied with the cost of their bills. There is a misconception that Northern Territorians are paying more for electricity than other states,” Mr Pearce said.

In reality, the Northern Territory enjoys the third lowest electricity prices in Australia; however electricity consumption per capita is the highest in the nation due to climatic factors.

“In this context, we anticipate that Switch to Six will provide a welcome and exciting solution for Territorians. This new pricing option will deliver more control, more flexibility and more savings for our customers,” Mr Pearce said.

Jacana Energy recommends customers review their usage patterns to decide whether they could benefit from Switch to Six. A handy comparison tool is available at compare.switchtosix.com.au. Depending on the type of meter installed at a premise, customers may also need to upgrade or replace their meter to register for Switch to Six.

More information about Jacana Energy’s Switch to Six and online registration are available at switchtosix.com.au

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