How to avoid a wet/summer season bill shock with direct debit

14 March 2016

Jacana Enery is making it easier than ever for customers to set-up direct debit and smooth out the cost of their bills over time.

It’s that time of year again when we can’t live without our air-conditioners. During the wet/summer season we use more electricity to keep cool and our appliances work harder in the heat.

So how can we minimise the impact of using more electricity on the family’s budget?

"Set-up regular direct debit payments,” says Jacana Energy CEO Mr Stuart Pearce. “It only takes a few minutes to set-up on our website and it’s a great way to keep on top of your bills.”

With direct debit, Jacana Energy customers can make regular automatic payments toward their next electricity bill and avoid having to pay off a large amount at once. Payments can be made on a set date, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, making it more predictable and easier to budget for. Jacana Energy’s Customer Care Team are available to help customers calculate a direct debit amount that suits their circumstances.

“With direct debit you can pay at your own pace,” says Mr Pearce. “You’ll always know how much you’re paying and when the money comes out of your account.”
“Many of our customers make automatic payments on their paydays. When they receive their bill every three months, all or most of the bill is already paid. That really helps reduce the waiting game of will-it or won’t-it be high this quarter,” says Mr Pearce.

“Being energy-smart at home also helps to avoid bill shock. Running energy efficient appliances, setting air conditioners on or above 24 degrees and getting rid of barely used appliances such as the beer fridge will help reduce your electricity use and add up to savings over time,” says Mr Pearce.

To find out more about Jacana Energy’s ‘No More Bill Shock’ campaign and set up direct debit visit or call 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262).