January Survey - Jacana Energy survey winners get $50 off their electricity bill

09 March 2015

Five participants in Jacana Energy’s customer survey have won a $50 discount to their electricity bill.

The survey was initiated last December via SMS and on line to gauge the level of advocacy of Jacana Energy’s customers. The best five responses to the 10 short questions in the survey were selected to win the $50 credit.

Easier to read and understand bill. Too much "noise". Tell me how much it is, the time frame and give me some idea of over time how I am tracking. Also could it be emailed, so no paper mail!

L Riley

Online accounts so customers can better manage their own accounts, payments, requests for extensions and applications for moves etc. and more variety online payment facility to include Paypal, credit card and setting up your direct debit cycle etc. also online billing

M Maguire

Implementation of pricing schemes to match customer’s needs.

D Bode

Provide more practical information at commencement and annually re meter readings, disconnection fees, unit blocks, unpaid bills, power saving tips. You could even have a newsletter about jacana activities, operational costs etc. customer of the month?

J Gray

An android/iOS app to track billing and to directly pay accounts, and more sms notification of billing a no account reminders would be much appreciated (and save me forgetting to pay my bill on time!)

E Stedman