Jacana Energy partners with Autism NT to Empower girls

06 April 2018

Jacana Energy is proud to be sponsoring Empower, a social group for middle school aged girls founded by Autism NT.

Over seven weeks, members of Empower will follow the Miss ART program devised by renowned presenter and facilitator Catie Kirke. The Miss ART (Activate, Reshape, Transform) program has been created to strengthen self-esteem and resilience, build confidence and a self-belief mindset in young women. It also aims to develop leadership skills and motivation to contribute to society and the lives of others.

While Empower is open to all girls of middle school age, it has been designed specifically with the needs of girls on the spectrum in mind.

For more information on how to participate in Empower, contact Autism NT.

To find out more about Jacana Energy's sponsorship program, click here.