Solar Buyback Rates

What buyback rates apply?

Buyback rates*GST exclusiveGST inclusive
Residential customers 23.68181 cents per kilowatt hour26.05 cents per kilowatt hour
Business customers (less than 30kVA) 27.56363 cents per kilowatt hour30.32 cents per kilowatt hour
Multipurpose customers 27.56363 cents per kilowatt hour30.32 cents per kilowatt hour

* Prices are GST exclusive. Effective 1 July 2019

To be eligible to receive Solar Buyback Rates, all PV Units installed at the premises must be under 30 kVA and customer must not consume equal to or more than 750,000 kWh per annum. A customised rate can be negotiated for solar PV systems greater than or equal to 30kVA and/or for customers using more than 750,000kWh of electricity.

Read the Solar buyback rates fact sheet for more information.

How is my buyback calculated?

You only receive a credit for the excess energy produced and sent to the grid once a compliant bi-directional meter has been installed.

For example if your solar PV system has produced 2000 kWh for the quarter, however only 500 kWh were sent to the grid, you will only receive a credit for the 500KWh.

How can I apply to receive the buyback?

Once your solar PV system and a compliant bi-directional meter have been installed, or you have moved into a home with a PV system, you need to contact us on 1800 522 262 or

If you are eligible to receive the Solar Buyback Rates, you can request these to be applied to your account. Note that when you receive Solar Buyback Rates, you agree with our Power Purchase Terms & Conditions.