Additional authorities

As an account holder, you can add additional authorities on to your account.

There are two levels of authority available:

Enquiry only 

An individual with enquiry only status on your account can make changes to the account but are not responsible for the account. Someone with enquiry only access can:

  • request information about the account;
  • agree to a payment extension or payment plan;
  • register life support equipment at the service address;
  • request copies of bills;
  • place a disconnection request; and
  • pay bills.

Financially responsible

An individual with financially responsible status on your account has full access to the account and is jointly responsible for paying the account. Someone with financially responsible access can:

  • Action anything that you as the account holder can do except for request a power connection at a new property which requires the consent of all financially responsible parties on the account, including the account holder.
  • They will also be liable for any debt on the account.

Other authorities

In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for an agency (such as a hardship or welfare organisation) or other third parties (such as a real estate agent, public trustee or guardian, or financial planner/counsellor) to have access to your account information. To find out more about adding one of these third parties on to your account, please call  1800 JACANA (1800 522 262).

To add a Power of Attorney to your account, please send your request in writing to [address] and attach a copy of the relevant documentation (e.g. proof of the Power of Attorney).  Depending on the type of authority granted, there may be no limitations to act on the account holder's behalf.

Adding an additional authority to your account

To add an additional authority to your account you can download our form here and submit to