Your bill and energy use

Find here what you need to help you understand your bill and your electricity use.

Your bill explained

Your bill explained can assist you to make sense of your bill and of the different charges you find on it. The brochure provides simple explanations about the various sections of your invoice to help you stay in control.

High bill checklist

If your latest bill seems a bit higher than usual, there might be reasons behind the increase. Our handy High bill checklist gives you tips to help you reflect on your electricity use and check your bill.

Are you comparing the same periods?

If you are comparing two bills, always compare consumption for the same period in the previous year and not the prior bill. For example, January to April 2016 compared with January to April 2015. Weather affects how much electricity we use, so comparing the same period each year will give you a more accurate comparison.

For example, comparing a Dry Season and a Wet Season bill in the Top End  would show quite a high variation in cost and use. As temperatures and humidity soar during the Wet Season,  you are likely to use more air conditioning than in the cooler months and this increase will be reflected on your bill.

Have we estimated your bill?

If the network provider is not able to access your meter they’ll provide us with an estimated read. The estimate is usually based on your electricity use at the same time last year. If your previous bill(s) have been estimated and we have now received an actual meter read from the network provider, we may have adjusted your current bill to cover any undercharged amounts. That could be the reason why your current bill is higher.

To find out more about bill estimation and how to get your estimated bill reissued in future, read the Estimated reads section.

Was it a longer billing period?

You’ll normally be billed for around 91 days in each bill. Sometimes delays occur in obtaining a meter reading from the metering service provider. This can lead to additional days being included on your bill; hence a higher cost. Check the number of days in the billing period on the back of your bill.

What was the weather like?

Weather conditions affect how we use electricity around the house. In extreme weather such as during the Top End Wet Season or Summer in Central Australia, fridges, pool pumps and air-conditioners all have to work harder and consume more electricity than they would the rest of the year. During the hot months of the year, our cooling needs increase and as the air conditioning clocks-up day and night, so does our electricity use.

Are you owing money from a previous bill?

If you have not paid your previous bill in full, the amount outstanding will carry forward onto your next bill. You will notice an additional charge for amount in arrears on your bill.

Was there a price increase during the billing period?

Prices vary from time to time. We will always let you know when this happens with a message on your bill and information on our website.

Were there extra people at home?

Children at home during school holidays, relatives visiting, a new arrival in the family, all these life events can have an impact on your electricity use. The more people at home, the more energy your household is likely to use.

Are your concession details up to date in our system?

If you are eligible for the Pensioners and Carers Concession Scheme, check that your concession has been applied to your bill. If not, please get in touch through our enquiry form or call us on 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262).

How are your appliances fending?

When buying new appliances for your home, the price tag is not the only tag you should check. Appliances with a five star energy rating are the most efficient and can save you money over time. If your household appliances are aging, they could be costing you a bundle as they struggle to function.

Struggling to pay your bill?

We know bills that are higher than expected can sometimes be difficult to pay on time. If you need help managing your energy bills, give us a call on 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262) and we can discuss your options. For more information you can also read about our Stay Connected program. Don't leave it to chance, we're here to help.

Managing your costs

For ideas to help you save electricity around the house, visit the Energy Savings section.