Meter data requests

As a Jacana Energy customer, you (or someone authorised on your account) can ask us for your meter data for the last two years.

To request your meter data, email with the required information.

We ask for this information to make sure that we protect your privacy and only give your information to you or the representatives you’ve authorised.

Customer TypeRequired Information

Residential Customer

Name, service address, DOB (for identification purposes), customer account number, NMIs* you require the data for and the date range (within the last two years)

Small to Medium  Business Customers

Your name, business name, ABN, business address, customer account number, the NMI(s)* you require the data for and the date range (within the last two years).

Prepayment Meter Customer

Name, address, the NMI or the number of the meter** you require the data for and the date range (within the last two years).

*The National Meter Identifier (NMI) for your electricity meter can be found on your Jacana Energy bill.
**The meter number can be found on the prepayment meter (under the barcode next to the key pad).

Authorised representatives

You may consent for an authorised representative to have access to and receive your meter data.

For each customer whose meter data is requested, we require the Customer Authorised Representative - Meter Data Consent form to be filled out, signed and sent to us with the meter data request.

Information provided

Please note that your meter usage data is provided in a regulated table format that is not as easy to compare over time.

The data available for you to view depends on the type of meter installed at your property.

Smart or Interval Meter If you have a smart meter, your usage data is updated in 15 or 30 minute intervals.

Basic Consumption Meter Basic electricity meters are usually read every 3 months. We calculate your electricity bill based of the data provided by the network provider from a manual meter read. When the network provider meter reader hasn’t been able to access your meter to read it, or hasn’t provided us with your data, we’ll calculate your bill using estimated usage.

Multiple NMI/meter number requests

Where meter data for more than NMIs is requested, the required information (see the table above) must be submitted in excel spreadsheet format.


You may be charged for access to your meter data if:

  • data is requested more than 4 times in any 12 month period;
  • the request is for meter data to be delivered in a non-standard form or manner;
  • your authorised representative requests information about more than one customer at a time;
  • the request relates to historical data from a non-active account; or
  • the request relates to a customer that is a large customer not on Jacana Energy’s Standard Retail Contract.

Jacana Energy will notify you of any charge that applies prior to fulfilling your or your request.

Privacy Notice

Jacana Energy will ensure due diligence is applied in the processes of verifying customers and providing meter data.

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and manage personal information in accordance with our legal obligations.