Prepaid electricity meters

Starting November 2018, the network provider, Power and Water Corporation is replacing all prepaid meters using power cards with new digital meters. You can find information relating to both types of meters below.

If you are unsure about the type of meter installed at your property, please talk to your housing officer, rental agent or check the meter box outside your house.

Customers with a power card meter

To top up these meters, you need to insert power cards (paper tokens) into the slot located on the face of the meter. Power cards are sold at participating stores across the Northern Territory. See the list of prepaid power cards retailers to find a location near you.

Pre-register to upgrade to a digital prepayment meter

If you currently have a prepayment meter, your meter is already on the replacement schedule and will be replaced in the near future. Please only complete this form if you wish to upgrade a credit meter (billed monthly or quarterly) to a prepayment meter.

Pre-register for a digital prepayment meter

Customers with a new digital meter

The information below is for customers who have had a new digital prepaid meter installed. If your meter has not been replaced, this information does not apply to you.

How does it work?

These prepaid electricity meters don't accept power cards/paper tokens. The new meters are digital and topped up using a swipe card.

When moving to a property with a prepaid electricity meter, you will be issued with a Welcome Pack containing two swipe cards and a Guide To Your New Meter and Swipe Cards. The pack will also contain a Quick Meter Reference Guide to help you read and operate the meter.

Your two swipe cards are linked to the meter at your house and cannot be used to top up any other meter.

When you go to a participating store to purchase your electricity credit, present one of your swipe cards to the retailer. They will process your payment, swipe your card and the credit will be automatically sent to your meter. See the full list of participating stores.

Where to get your swipe cards

If you move into a property with a prepaid electricity meter, contact Jacana Energy on 1800 522 262 to arrange a set of swipe cards.Your first set of new cards will be free; future replacement cards will come at the cost of $20.

If the previous tenant has left their cards behind you can also use these directly. You will need to contact us on 1800 522 262 to update the information linked to the card in our system with your details.

The swipe card is unique to your meter and reusable

The cards do not carry cash. The money goes on to the meter, not the card. The card is simply an ID for the meter which enables the top up transaction.

Hold on to your card so you can top up easily. Your card is reusable. Take it with you to the shops to top up and make sure you keep it handy.

Resources for customers

Resources for prepaid credit retailers

Please note: Prepaid meters are not available to registered Life Support customers.