Credit top up

Customers with a new digital meter

This information is only applicable to new digital prepayment meters.

Online top up

Did you know you can top up online? All you need is two ID numbers: one for your house (NMI) and one for your meter (serial number).

If you don’t know your NMI number call us on 1800 522 262 . You can find the meter serial number underneath the barcode next to the keypad on your meter. It is an eight-digit number following the two-letter code 'PN'.

Remember to select the 'remember my details' option so they are saved for next time.

Online payments accepted with Visa and MasterCard.

Top up online now

In store purchase

Buying your Jacana Energy prepaid electricity credit is easy. Simply take your swipe card to your local participating retailer to purchase credit in store.

There is a large range of epay retailers accredited to sell Jacana Energy electricity credit across the Northern Territory. See the full list of participating stores.

  1. Present your swipe card to the retailer.
  2. Pay for the amount of credit you want to add to your meter, using any payment method the store accepts.
  3. The retailer will swipe your card in an epay terminal.
  4. The terminal will print a receipt with a unique 20-digit reference number. You will need this number if manual top up is required (see ‘manual top up’).
  5. The amount of credit you purchased is automatically sent to the meter at your home.

Note: The swipe card does not carry cash. It is only an ID for the prepaid meter which enables the top up transaction.

Over the phone (available soon)

Top up is also available through our Contact Centre. Please call 1800 522 262 to get in touch with our agents.

The credit is not showing on the meter

When you top up in store, the amount is automatically sent to your meter. If there is a communication problem between the store's terminal and the meter, the system will keep trying until it is successful. You can also enter
the credit manually (see ‘manual top up’).

Manual top up

Once you have purchased your top up credit in store, you will be issued with a receipt showing a 20-digit transaction number which is unique to your payment. If when you get home the credit has not automatically been added to the meter, you can add credit manually using the meter's keypad and your 20-digit transaction number.

  1. Press A
  2. Key-in the transaction number
  3. Confirm by pressing B

The meter will then show if the entry was accepted or rejected. You can also contact us on 1800 522 262 for further assistance.

Damaged, lost or stolen cards

We can send two replacement cards and advise you how to top up in the meantime. Please contact us on 1800 522 262.

Replacement cards are charged at $20 the set and expressed posted from Darwin. Please allow up to 3 days for postal delivery. If your property is managed by a tenancy/housing support organisation, your tenancy officer may be able to assist in getting your new cards.