Prepayment meter information

Customers with a new digital meter

This information is only applicable to new digital prepayment meters.

Checking your balance

Press the B button to check how much credit is left on your meter. If you’re running low or you have run out, the display will show a message.

Low or no credit

The meter will display a message when your credit falls below $5 to let you know that it is time to top up. Use your swipe card at participating shops or service stations to top up.

Emergency credit

If you have run out of credit, you can add $20 in emergency credit. To activate, press 7 and then ‘ A ’ to accept the ‘EC OFFER’.

Friendly credit

Meters have a built-in friendly credit setting, which will prevent the meter from switching power off between 4pm and 9am on the next weekday and during weekends and public holidays if the meter has ran out of credit.

You can view friendly credit details by pressing 8 on the keypad.

Emergency credit and friendly credit are loans: the next time you top up, your credit will first repay the amount of emergency or friendly credit you used.

Reconnecting the meter

If your meter has ran out of credit and switched off, you will need to reconnect it after you've topped up. You can do this by following the message on the meter screen. First press A to connect, then B to confirm.

Manual top up

The 20 digit transaction number on your receipt is unique to your payment. To add your credit manually, press A , key in the transaction number, then press B . The meter will then show if the entry was accepted or rejected.

Faulty or broken meter

Contact Power and Water first on 1800 245 092 to assess the fault, safety and availability of the power supply. Depending on the cause of the fault/damage, the meter replacement may incur a charge.

You or your tenancy officer will have to contact us on 1800 522 262 to organise the replacement of the meter and payment of the associated cost.