Retailer information

For new digital prepayment meters

This information is only applicable to new digital prepayment meters.

How to register with epay

Signing-up to become an epay retailer is simple. To enter into a contract directly with epay or to update your current epay products, please email:

New agents: email or call 1300 301 408.

Existing epay agents: email or call 1300 301 408.

Benefits of being an epay agent

No stocks to manage The prepaid top up solution removes the need to order and manage stocks of physical tokens. epay top-up also presents a very low risk associated with theft as you no longer need to store valuable tokens in your premises.
Uninterrupted supply No stock to store or orders to place means uninterrupted supply of top-up facility through the epay terminal.
Simpler process You simply swipe your customer’s card in the epay terminal to top-up the meter automatically.
Improved cash-flow You no longer have to submit an invoice to receive your commission. In fact, when a customer tops up credit in your store, your business will benefit from additional cash in the bank until the epay withdrawal occurs at the end of the fortnight. epay will withdraw funds for the total sales minus your commission on a fortnightly basis.
No refunds for faulty or damaged tokens You no longer have to manage and return faulty or damaged tokens on behalf of customers. In the unlikely event that communications between your epay terminal and a customer’s meter are ineffective, the customer will be able to enter the prepaid voucher number directly into the meter manually. Jacana Energy will also handle all top-up credit enquiries.
Access to instant reporting You receive daily terminal print-outs. In addition, you will have access to instant 24/7 reporting to keep track of what goes through your epay terminal at any given time.
One terminal for many applications The large range of products offered by epay, including major mobile phone prepaid vouchers, means retailers only need one terminal to perform a wide range of transactions
for their customers. You may be able to use epay via an integration with the POS system. Please contact your POS provider or epay to check.
Retail support You have access to ongoing support from dedicated accounts managers and an operations team from installation and training right through to maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure business runs smoothly.