Payment plans

Managing payments

We can offer a wide range of payment plans to help you manage your bills.

Payment extensions

If you are unable to pay your electricity bill by the due date, we can offer you a 21 day payment extension. This gives you some breathing space and time to organise your finances. Apply for a payment extension using the Payment extension request form.

Payment arrangements

If you request a payment arrangement, we will asses your situation and tailor a plan that's right for you. To apply for a payment arrangement, fill in the Payment arrangement request form.

Standard payment plan  

A standard payment plan allows you to spread your payments over a few weeks. You can choose to pay weekly or fortnightly. If your situation improves, you can also pay off the full balance at any time. Standard payment plans are set up so your current bill is paid before the next one arrives.

Payment Plus plan

Payment Plus plans allow you to pay off your current bill and pay towards your next bill at the same time. As with a standard payment plan, you choose whether you want to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. To calculate your instalments, we take into account your current account balance plus an estimation of your next bill(s) based on your historical usage. We then spread this amount across an extended period. This means by the end of the plan term, you'll have paid your current bill and set money aside toward your next one(s).

StayConnected plan

If you are not eligible for the above plans or you are finding yourself in further hardship, you will be put through to our StayConnected team. They will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to you and reflective of your financial situation. Your StayConnected plan will include paying set amounts weekly or fortnightly, all year round to help you get on top of your arrears and your future bills too. Every three months, we will review your plan to make sure your payments are on track and reflective of your usage.