Set up Direct Debit

What is direct debit?

Direct debit is an easy way to keep on top of your bills.

With direct debit, you can choose to make regular payments at set dates or pay the exact amount of your bill every quarter. This makes it much easier to budget for your electricity and avoid bill shock.

Benefits of paying with direct debit include:

  • Automatic direct debit payments give you peace of mind.
  • Making regular payments towards your bill makes it easier for you to budget for your electricity.
  • It helps you avoid bill shock as you won't have to pay one large bill at once.

How much should I pay towards my bill?

To determine the amount of your automatic payments, check the regular payments calculator. You can check how much your payments should be for weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly options.

To apply for a direct debit, just complete the Direct debit request online form. You can also cancel or temporarily interrupt your direct debit at any time, by completing the
cancellation form.

If your payments are higher than your bill, the money you overpaid will remain on your account as a credit which you can use it for future bills. You can also request a credit refund.

What other options do I have to make automatic payments?

You can also set up regular BPAY payments through your bank. Use biller code 264465 and the Customer Reference Number on your bill.

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