Switch to Six tariff

What is the Switch to Six tariff?

Jacana Energy customers have the option to switch from the standard domestic tariff to the Switch to Six tariff, which provides an incentive to switch electricity usage from peak to off-peak periods.

The Switch to Six tariff offers the flexibility of two different rates depending on the time you use electricity. The peak rate is the highest and is applied during the day between 6am and 6pm and on public holidays. The off-peak rate is cheaper and applies to electricity you use at night between 6pm and 6am, and all weekend.

How can I benefit from this tariff?

The Switch to Six tariff can lower electricity costs for some households but it will not be the right choice for everyone. It will be particularly beneficial if you use most of your electricity during off-peak times or are willing to change your behaviours to use electricity in off-peak times. The Switch to Six website offers a comparison tool to help you estimate your savings and decide which tariff is right for you.

What are the prices?

The Domestic Time of Use tariff is a total of:

Price PeriodPrice - GST excl.*WeekdaysWeekendsFixed daily charge
Peak 27.82727 cents per kWh6am to 6pm including public holidaysN/A46.50909 cents per day
Off-Peak 21.21818 cents per kWh6pm to 6amALL weekends46.50909 cents per day

*Prices effective from 1 July 2018. Rates are regulated residential rates and exclude GST.

How is the Switch to Six tariff measured?

To record your electricity usage in peak and off-peak, you need to have a meter capable of registering time of use. If your meter is a single rate accumulation meter, you will need to upgrade to an interval meter. If you already have an interval meter, switching to the new tariff will be as easy as a simple reprogramming to register the Switch to Six tariff.

The metering service provider, Power and Water Corporation, is responsible for meter upgrades and charges apply. You can check the back of your bill to see if your meter already records peak and off-peak electricity usage. If a new meter needs to be installed or if you current meter needs reprogramming, the cost will be charged back to your account.

For more information about the cost of meter upgrades visit the Tariffs and Pricing page.

How to apply for the Switch to Six tariff?

You can apply online at switchtosix.com.au. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your application to be processed and your meter to be replaced or reprogrammed.

For more information, download the Switch to Six fact sheet.