We are changing the way we do business to make it easier for you

We always strive to improve the service we deliver to you. You told us you wanted more information on your electricity usage, more flexible payment options and simplified transactions.

We listened and we have moved to a new billing system to make doing business with us smarter, faster and easier.

Find what you need on your new look bill

The first thing you'll notice is your new look bill.

You now have a new account number, located in the blue 'invoice details' section on page one of your new-look bill. Quote this number when contacting us.

You can download a factsheet with information about How to read your bill here.

Do you need to update your payment details?

YESCredit Card
Online or phone. Use the eleven digit reference number located in the 'Your Payment Options' section on your bill.
Updated automatically 
Direct Debit
Your account will be debited using Jacana Energy Direct Debit User ID 481880.
YESAustralia Post
Take your new-look bill displaying the new barcode to any Australia Post office.
Update both your BPAY Biller Code and reference number.
Biller Code: 264465
Reference number: Use the eleven digit reference number located in the 'Your Payment Options' section on your bill. This number will no longer change with each bill.  
Write your new account number on the back of your cheque.
Updated automatically
NTG Payroll deduction
YESPower and Water customer service centres
You can pay your bills at our new interactive self service stations.
Updated automatically 

You must update your payment details to avoid delay in allocating payments to your account.

Changes to the account holder name

Electricity accounts are now held in one name only, as shown on your new-look bill. If your account was previously under multiple names, the other account holders are still linked as financially responsible however won't appear on the bill.

If one of the account holders is the recipient of a Pensioner and Carer Concession, this account holder will be shown on the bill.

How will these changes make managing your electricity account easier?

A smarter bill

Your new bill will be easier to read and understand with clearer sections and bold colours to help you identify what matters at a glance. You will be able to see your historical usage and compare your current usage to similar size households in the NT.

The back of your bill explains in simple terms the transactions that occurred on your account and how we have calculated your bill.

Convenient electronic billing

You can now receive your bills and correspondence via email for increased convenience. To register for eBilling, complete our customer query form.

Simplified account details

You will receive a new unique account number to use in every interaction with us. This number will always remain the same bill after bill.

More predictable billing

The new Reliabill plan will bring back predictability into your electricity. With Reliabill, you always know how much you have to pay. We average your annual electricity usage and divide it into twelve equal payments.

Every month you pay the same amount and you know exactly when it’s due so there are no surprises.

*Terms and conditions apply.