Together, creating a better energy future for all Australians


The Energy Charter is a unique coalition of like-minded energy organisations with the purpose of empowering one another across the energy supply chain to deliver better energy outcomes for customers and communities.

The Energy Charter vision is that together, we can create a better energy future for all Australians.

All full signatories of the Energy Charter commit to publicly report how they are delivering against the Energy Charter Principles through public Disclosures and engagement with their customer/community councils or stakeholder forums.

Signatories assess their maturity against the Energy Charter Maturity Model, indicating where on the maturity scale they are, where they intend to progress to, over what period and how they plan to achieve this.

Energy Charter Disclosure Report
Jacana Energy first Disclosure Report since becoming a Full Signatory member of The Energy Charter in 2022.

Energy Charter Principles

We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system
We will improve energy affordability for customers
We will provide energy safely, sustainably and reliably
We will improve the customer experience
We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances