Estimated meter reads

Just received an estimated bill? We can explain what it means.


Normally, we calculate your bill based on the meter reading provided by the network provider, Power and Water Corporation. But if they can’t get to your meter, they’ll provide us with an estimated read and that will be detailed on your bill.




How do they arrive at the estimate?


Usually, it’s based on your electricity use at the same time last year. However, if we don't have sufficient billing history for your property, we’ll record the average usage of a similar property.


How can you avoid an estimated meter read?


While they’ll always do their best, meter readers can’t take risks. By making sure they can read your meter safely, you can avoid your electricity usage being estimated.


Here’s how you can help


Meter readers can’t take risks when it comes to safety. By ensuring they can access and read your meter safely, you can avoid your electricity usage being estimated. You can help by:

Keep your dog safely secured away from your meter.
Make sure your gate is unlocked or use an authorised lock to secure it.
Relocate your meter if it’s in a hard to get at spot.
Keep your meter clear of foliage, rubbish, spiderwebs and insect nests.

Are you able to read the meter yourself?


In certain circumstances, you can provide your own meter read to the network provider, Power and Water Corporation. If you have access issues and your meter read has been estimated, Power and Water meter readers will leave a card in your letterbox or near the front door asking you to call through your read. You’ll need to call Power and Water Corporation on 1800 245 092 to advise your read within 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

What you can do:

  • Keep your property secure while still providing access for the meter reader.
  • Do not use private padlocks or locking devices on your meter box or gates as they will prevent meter readers and emergency crews from doing their job.
  • Talk to Power and Water Corporation about your options, if you’re concerned about the security of your property or meter. You can call 1800 245 092.

If you're making renovations at home, please remember to allow for access to your meter. If your meter box cannot be accessed, you may need to talk to a licensed electrical contractor about relocating it.

Estimated reads cannot be rebilled based on a customer-supplied read. If your bill has been estimated because of access issues, we will adjust your account the next time an actual meter read is recorded for your property.

In cases where your meter read was estimated because the meter failed to record your usage accurately as confirmed by a meter test, we may rebill your account for a maximum of two billing periods, using the information provided by the metering service provider.

Please remember that you have an obligation under the Customer Contract to give safe and easy access to your meter at least once a year to the metering service provider. Failure to provide access could lead to your electricity being disconnected.