Energy savings

                      Big energy saving ideas


On average Territorians use more electricity than the rest of Australia? Our climate is the main reason why. You can’t change the weather but you can make changes to help lower your electricity bill.

Energy Efficiency Guide
We developed a Guide on keeping power bills down in the Territory.

Save with the sun
Get up to speed with going solar.

Easy ways to save around your home

Set your aircon between 24˚C to 27˚C and use your ceiling fans. Every degree you lower your aircon can increase its running costs by up to 10%.
Replace any old globes you still have in your home with LEDs. They use around 80% less energy and last a whole lot longer.
Talk to the experts at your local pool shop about the optimal running time for your pump. Reducing it by just a few hours a day could save you up to $350 a year.

We've got you covered

5 ways to keep your pets cool when it heats up
If you’re feeling the heat, you can bet your furry friends are, too.
Sustainable living in the Territory
We’ve put together a mix of tips that will help you begin your sustainability journey.

How to do an energy audit on your home
Think you’re using a lot of power? Find out where it’s going.

Empowering our schools 


Harnessing the Territory’s youthful energy drives a sustainable present and a renewable future. Here are a few ways to get started.

Electricity activity booklet
The Electricity Activity Book shows how saving power saves a lot more than money.
Energy efficiency checklist
See if you can tick all 8 boxes in this fun energy efficiency checklist.
Territory tailored advice
We've made a video about energy saving opportunities in schools.