Move your business

Whether you're adding a new site, moving to a new spot or just need to disconnect, we've made it easy


Two things we need to check to get you started.:

Your ID
You will need to provide us with a valid ID. Acceptable form of IDs are:
Australian Driver’s License, Passport, Australian proof of age card and an ImmICard.
The account holder
The account holder (person whose name will appear on the bill) must be the one requesting the connection and they will be responsible for payment of all bills on the account. This person needs to be over 16.
Move your business with the click of a button
Fill out our Move In/Move Out form.

Please note: It takes 4 working days to process, so if you need to move before that, you need to call us.
Changing your postal address
Change your postal address with one click.

Your Welcome Pack
It’s full of practical hints and tips to manage your electricity connection and use.


Online not for you? No worries.

Post your form
Download and send our application form to: Jacana Energy, GPO Box 1785, Darwin NT 0801.
Give us a call
On a tight deadline? Call our team on 1800 522 262.


Moving your business FAQs

Requests for connection and disconnection submitted online may take up to 4 business days to be processed. Once we have processed your online application, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Phone requests

Requests for connection submitted over the phone before 3:30pm can be actioned for same day connection. Requests for disconnection requested over the phone can be actioned the following day. Faults and emergencies take priority, if Power and Water are not able to attend on that day they will do so the following day between 8am-7pm.

Postal applications

Once we receive your postal connection or disconnection request we will action it immediately, please be aware the timeliness of this request being actioned is largely dependent on postage times.

There are two options for adding people to your account, each with different access levels:

  • Financially Responsible – has full access to the account and will be jointly responsible for paying the account.  Note that a Financially Responsible person has to give consent to be added to the account and we will require their ID details.
  • Enquiry Only – can enquire about the account and make some limited changes but is not responsible for the payment of the account or any debt incurred.

For a same day connection, you must call us before 3:30pm. However, as faults and emergencies take priority, if your connection is not completed on your requested date, it will be done the following business day, between 8am-7pm.

To cancel a request, you must call us before 3:30pm the day before your scheduled connection or disconnection.

There are fees to connect and disconnect. These fees are pass-through charges from the network provider and also include a small Jacana Energy administration fee. You can find a detailed breakdown of our fees here.