Life support

Does anyone living at your address use an electrical device that assists with a life-threatening medical condition? If yes, let us know.


Life Support Register


If you are a customer who relies on powered life support equipment, it is very important that you inform us immediately so you can be added to our Life Support Customer Register.


What does it mean to be on the Life Support Register?


Being on the register does not mean uninterrupted power. But it means that our network provider will let you know in advance in case of any planned outages in your area caused by essential upgrades and maintenance. 

This is to allow you to have enough time to carry out alternative arrangements to power your life support equipment.


Who qualifies to be on the register?


If your property requires constant electricity to power equipment or appliances which sustain life, you qualify to be on the Life Support Register.

The need for such equipment or appliances must be confirmed by your doctor.

Examples of this can be but are not limited to: a refrigeration unit to keep insulin at the correct temperature, a CPAP or asthma machine for assisted breathing, or a dialysis machine.

If you are unsure, our friendly staff will be happy to advise you via phone or email

What is Life Support Equipment?


Life support equipment means any of the following medical equipment which requires a constant supply of electricity:

  • An oxygen concentrator.

  • A continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machine. 

  • An intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine.

  • A kidney dialysis machine.

  • A chronic positive airways pressure respirator.

  • Crigler Najjar Syndrome phototherapy equipment.

  • A ventilator for life support.

  • Any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies as required for a person residing at the customer’s premises for life support.


How to get on the Life Support Register

Please tell us immediately of your need for your premises to be placed on the Life Support Register. Our friendly and professional staff will collect your information in a respectful and private manner. You can contact us by calling our Customer Care Team on 1800 522 262, or emailing us at

Once we receive your request to be on the Life Support Register,  we will send you a medical form via post or email. Please complete this form as soon as possible.

The form can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Once you have completed form sections 1, 2 and 3, please take this form to a medical practitioner and have them complete section 4 and authorise it.


Return the signed and completed medical form to us by the due date, although we recommend you return this form to us as soon as possible.

Email your form to or post to Jacana Energy, GPO Box 1785, Darwin NT 0801.

What to do in case of an unexpected power outage?


Life Support customers must always have an emergency plan for unexpected power outages.

Both planned and unplanned power outages can occur, be it an event like infrastructure upgrades or extreme weather. In all cases, it’s important for Life Support customers to have a plan. We will contact you ahead of time for planned events. However, unplanned events, though rare, carry the most immediate risk to customers and can occur at any time.

Preparing for a Power Outage

For both planned and unplanned power outage it’s important for you to have a backup plan. This can include:

  • Having a source of back-up power, such as a battery or generator.

  • Knowing how your life support equipment works, including being aware of when it turns off, how to reset or restart it, or whether it can operate from alternative sources of power.

  • Make arrangements with friends, family, or neighbours to assist you during any power outage event.

  • Keep your phone charged and have an emergency source for recharging like a power bank.

  • Have a torch and supply of fresh batteries available.

For a list of planned interruptions to electricity services in your area, please contact our network provider Power and Water on 1800 245 092 or visit

In an emergency, please call 1800 245 090.

What will Jacana Energy do?


  1. Upon being notified by you that you require your premises to be placed on the Life Support Register, we will place your residence on that register within one business day.

  2. We will then share that updated register information with your network provider, ensuring they are also aware of the life support equipment needs at your premises.

  3. Within five business days we will contact you by post or email, providing you with a medical confirmation form to be completed and authorised by a medical practitioner.

  4. Upon receiving the completed and authorised form, we will maintain your status as a Life Support customer in our system.


Deregistration of a premises


You will be removed from the Life Support Register if one the following circumstances occur:

  • Medical confirmation is not completed and provided to us by the required due date.

  • The customer makes us or the network provider aware of a change in circumstances and they no longer require their premises to be on the Life Support Register.


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