Financial support


Can't pay your bill?


Let’s work together to figure out a plan that suits you.

Get more time to pay
If finances are tight, our 21-day payment extension gives you the breathing space you need. Just fill in our online form or DM us on Facebook and we’ll get things organised.
Set up a payment plan
Spread your payments into smaller amounts to suit your budget. It helps you get ahead by paying off your current bill before the next one arrives.


Stay Connected


If a payment extension or plan isn’t the right fit, we can still help through our Stay Connected program. 

Stay Connected is a partnership. We'll work together to find the right support for the situation. 


Here's how it works

Confidential, non-judgemental and respectful support

We'll work out how much energy you use over the year. Keeping in mind that when it’s hotter outside, we use more energy.
Based on that, we’ll estimate the amount you’ll need to pay at the end of the year.
We'll work with you to create your plan. This will help you spread the total amount into smaller payments to match your budget.
We'll check in with you every three months to look at how much energy you have used and find out if the plan is working for you.

Let's talk about it

Call us directly on 1800 522 262 or ask your financial counsellor or a welfare agency to call on your behalf.

Send an email to

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We only use the information you give us to decide if the Stay Connected program is right for you. To read our full privacy policy, visit:

Just contact us and our Stay Connected team and we will work out a solution.

We've tried our best to cover everything on this page but you can also refer to our Stay Connected policy for further information.