Electricity costs and regular payment calculators

Calculate your electricity costs based on your meter reads

Use this calculator to work out your usage costs over any period of time e.g. a week, a month or a quarter.

Enter the two meter readings you recorded at the beginning and at the end of the period, as well as the number of days elapsed between your two readings. The calculator will show you how much your electricity usage will cost you for the period.

If you press on 'Estimate regular payment', refer to the 'Calculate your regular bill payments' section below for an estimation of how much you should pay regularly to stay on top of your current costs.

* Please note, if you have entered the number of days, the Total Cost and Daily Average include a daily fixed charge of 55.42 cents per day (inc GST). Please allow for rounding errors of plus or minus 1 cent.

Calculate your regular bill payments

If you’d like to make regular bill payments, use this calculator to work out how much you should pay over any period, e.g. per week, per fortnight or per month.

Look at your last four quarterly bills and enter the value of your highest one. You can enter the value of your highest bill rounded up to the nearest $50 or the calculator will round the number to the nearest $50 for you.

The calculator will work out how much you should pay each week, each fortnight or each month, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Value of your highest quarterly bill in the last 12 months (in $)